How we may help you?
Homoktövis velő, homoktövis magolaj

Since we’re also involved in the production of sea buckthorn, we’re perfectly aware of the issues producers have to face.

Those who are working with sea buckthorn face the most hassle while the processing phase because it requires manufacturers to run errands between various plants.

On top of that, plants are also reluctant towards these tasks:

  • Freezing plants aren’t eager to work with sea buckthorn because it occupies a lot of space while making a mess, and it usually involves small amounts so sometimes producers have to wait for their turn.
  • After this, the producer has to wait for pulpers, resulting in the berries staying longer in the freezers than they should be – this obviously comes with an extra cost, not to mention the hassle coming with transportation.
  • Once the pulping is done, the next step is the drying plant, which is either full or already closed when the sea buckthorn producers would get there.

Time, time, time and money out the window. And this is still not the end of the process. Constant race against the clock, hassle with the transportation and dealing with the plants.

Let us help avoiding all the above.

But how? Well, we’re not a large company so our prime interest isn’t necessarily working with producers bringing vast amounts of crops, that’s why we can immediately start working with sea buckthorn as well. Plus, we also spare you running errands.

Everything is available that you need for sea buckthorn processing – all in one place

  • Freezing plant
  • Pulper
  • Dryer
  • Bottling line
  • Labeller
  • Seed oil press
Why us?

Why Us? If you trust us, you don’t have to: 

  • store the berries in freezers for month until finding someone – we have our own production line
  • run errands to find a drying plant for the leaves, seeds and skin
  • worry about pressing seeds – we have our own press in our plant

Everything you need for processing sea buckthorn is


Without the hassle, running errands or wasting time.

Őrölt paprika, piros paprika, homoktövis, sárgabarack, bodza velő
Homoktövis velő, homoktövis magolaj, homoktövis feldolgozás
Őrölt paprika, piros paprika, homoktövis, sárgabarack, bodza velő
How we may help you?
Bio dio, bio dióbél, bio dió magolaj

Obviously, walnut is in high demand, there are several producers, but processing it isn’t always a simple task. The main difficulty is that not every plant can process the walnut in the same place– they simply do not have a processing plant where the walnut grows.

Let us help you in Bács-Kiskun County.

If you choose us, you can rest assured every phase of walnut processing is done in the same place.

No more transportation, wasted time and unplanned expenses.

Everything is available that you need for walnut processing – all in one place

  • Dryer
  • Equilazer – Selector
  • Cracker
  • Seed cold presser
  • etc…
Why us?

Everything is read for phase one:

  • cleaning the husk of the walnut (removing the green shell)
  • cleaning the shell
  • washing
  • drying
  • possibility for grading

Second phase allow you to:

  • crack
  • remove shell
  • take out the kernel
  • remove excess shell
  • do pipeline inspection
  • grade using shaker according to needs (half, quarter or tiny)
  • package
How we may help you?

Producing and processing paprika is a tiresome task as it consumes a lot of time and energy – we know it well since we work with it for 25 years. Hungarian producers grow genuinely high-quality paprika with a lot of hard work and attention. As for the price competition, they are unfortunately unable to stay neck-to-neck with large plants – this is why they often put an emphasis on quality.

Large plants, on the other hand, usually don’t like dealing with the small amounts most Hungarian producers provide, so processing becomes burdensome.

We can help you since we also process smaller amounts of paprika.

Every phase of paprika processing can be done in our plant, even in small amounts.

Everything is available that you need for walnut processing – all in one place

  • Dryer
  • Pedicle (Stem), Calyx remover
  • Hammer – mill
  • Stone – mill
  • Filter
  • etc…
Why us?
Fűszerpaprika, erős piros paprika, őrölt paprika

How do we achieve the highest quality?

  • Drying: we prefer an older technology that might be more time-consuming but also guarantees higher quality. This is how we grant the exceptional quality of Hungarian paprika.
  • We do not slice paprika before drying thus preventing seeds from being scattered.
  • Paprika makes its way to the dryers after being stored in Raschel bags so that each producer gets their own product back.
  • 90% of the pedicle (stem), calyx is removed by a machine
  • The next stages include: grinding, milling, sifting – these provide a perfect structure for paprika powder

Every day up to several tons of paprika can be produced!

How we may help you?

While growing and processing fruits, it’s often a huge problem for producers to freeze the fruits in each phase.

Bigger freezing plants usually consider twice before they accept anything, so those who run a “smaller” business usually can’t manage to bring the amount these plants would worthwhile to process.

The result? You either have to spend more for each service or you have to do it with others and accommodate their needs.

We offer a solution to the “small ones”, since from a certain perspective, we’re alike.

Three freezing chamber

125 m2
even to -25C

Why us?

Reasons why you should choose us:

  • We are not that big to be only dealing with large amount of products.
  • We can handle several processing phases if you need, or even all of them in the same place.
  • We take a practical approach and work relatively fast, saving you time, money and energy – you don’t have to orchestrate transportation between various plants.
How we may help you?

Since we’re also involved in growing and processing fruits, we’ve met all the prerequisites needed for doing everything in the same place. This is why we have – amongst others – a drying plant that we gladly share with other producers.

We know that drying is an important step in processing fruits and vegetables, and we’re also aware that it’s tough for those who don’t produce vast amounts at the same time.

It isn’t really worth it for big drying plants to bother themselves with producers who – from their perspective – only bring smaller amounts of crops. This usually means producers have to wait, which eventually results in a race against the clock.

Since we aren’t big either, it’s worth it to work with the “small ones”, too.

We welcome producers who would like to process their crops in our drying plant, plus in case it’s needed, we can offer a solution in other work phases as well.

Zöldség-gyümölcs szárítás - Homoktövis, sárgabarck, bodza velő
How we may help you?

One of the possible – and important – steps of fruit processing is cold pressing which is a process when seed oil is being produced.

Our plant offers you the opportunity to do this!

While cold pressing, the acquired oils retain their original vitamin contents and taste, plus substances from the seeds are also transferred to the oil unharmed.

You don’t have to transport the products to get them cold pressed anymore – we can do it for your right in the spot even after other processes.

Plus we also welcome those who have done other work processes at other plants.

We do not only accept large amounts of products but we also welcome smaller producers.